Alyce book jacket

“Alyce”. A digital oil painting for a paperback book jacket comp.  But I like it well enough, rough,  to call it near done.

midwife apprentice catOther black and white inside illustrations: “Corpus Bones, Cat!” and “To Have”.

I love this book!  A chapter book just right for reading aloud, on the reading level of interested fourth graders.


Good writing, Good character. Great story about inner change that matters, and a historical window into another time.

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Way more than Top Ten Lists, My *TOP !0 !*

My Top !O List posts are just some of what I think is really wonderful, and it may be way more than ten. Since the birth of this blog was to give public face to my work, I start with some influences. Not complete, I’m forgetting somebody, and in no particular order except the first one.

If I could create like anybody, I’d make like #1. His work imprinted me incredibly young, and stayed #1:

  • 1. Brian Wildsmith.  

  • 2.Glen Rounds
  • 3. Virginia Lee Burton
  • 4.Simms Taback
  • 5. Alice and Martin Provensen
  • 6. Marla Frazee
  • 7. Stacey Schuett
  • 8. David Small
  • 9. Trina Schart Hyman
  • !0. Mark Buehner
  • !1. Tibor Gergely
  • !2. Thomas Hart Benton
  • !3. Eric Carle
  • !4. Wanda Gag
  • !5. Robert McCloskey
  • !7. Johnny Gruelle
  • !8. Maxfield Parrish
  • !9. Minerva Teichert
  • 20. Arthur Rackham
  • 21. Kay Nielsen
  • 22. Judy Schachner
  • 23. Ashley Wolff
  • 24. Robert Lawson
  • 25. Pamela Zagarenski
  • 26. Unknown European mixed media artists.
  • 27. Norman Rockwell
  • 28. My mom
  • 29. Very few art teachers, for great ill or good.
  • 3o. Everett Thorpe
  • 31. Holli Conger

When I grow up

The first day of kindergarten, they gave me  8 fat crayons and a big piece of soft manilla paper. The very best thing of many best things about school.

“Make a picture of what you will be when you grow up”, they said.

Instant image, quick and sure. Brown haired girl with braids and a paintbrush in front of an easel.  Admirably rounded, masterful printing was added below. ” Heather Hatch- Artist.” Up on the wall for parent’s night  it went, proclamation to the world.

Delicious validation.  Unneeded back then, but satisfying  just the same.

And still true. I will be. When I.

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