Art Apps I kept, after deleting the rest:

And deleted everything else.
These pics are just doodles, but when I work, I start with pencil sketches, photograph them with the ipad camera, and start with that as a less opaque layer. While the drawing app, Paper, has the most fabulous stroke action and a beautiful interface, corrections are picky to make, and it isn’t really great for a working illustration app. Right now, the Brushes app is my favorite sketch app, and the Procreate app is my go to for getting artwork done and illustration assignments completed. I just wish I were better at customizing brushes within the program. I find the native brushes unrealistic for the most part and limiting. I like a lot of natural texture. However.

Procreate has made me money and gave me the ipad- of which, the older Ipad 2 is my screen of choice. I draw with a wacom bamboo stylus. It was the best choice, bar none between Boxwave, Griffin, Pogo sketch, Alupen, and  all of which I bought and tried…But actually, like illustrator and app creator Will Terry does, I have started depending upon only my finger. Takes some practice, but is every bit as detailed and able to fine tune and control- maybe more so, once you get over the mental hurdle- and like he says, I shouldn’t worry about losing it, I take it wherever I go!




I tried Art Rage. Bamboo. Sketch club. The vector app I can’t think of right now. 6 or 7 others. Even sketchbook pro. What’s left fits me.
And like illustrator Will Terry, Irecommend you don’t take your Wacom bamboo stylus out of your case.  Fingers = fantastic.


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