The faith of a child

“It’s the Admiral’s Umbrella, Mom. He’s waving at you because he wants to help you to finish your book!”

Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way  writes that often, a blocked artist, or a supportive shadow artist is the one with too many children, too many plates in the air, giving too much away.  How that has stung over the years. But nothing is more important to me than marriage, faith and motherhood,  and though it is always my intention, I have not been as facil as others are, with ‘synonymous‘. I am used to heavy loads and wet weather.

I regret some things, but would choose the same path, all over again. So I will never reach that Jr. High ambition of publishing younger than S.E. Hinton.  And other goalposts. But nearly 20 years ago I heard a small child wrap a confident, hopeful request for my personal  dreams in her bedtime prayers. And this morning, I heard something similar, nearly at the other end of  this particular life season.

It is as important to work for them, as for me.


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